How Should Advertising Be During Professional Email List Hea

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How Should Advertising Be During Professional Email List Hea

Сообщение Ziya194 » 31 мар 2022, 12:25

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has caused drastic changes in the lives of people and organizations . The pandemic has considerably affected different sectors, including the advertising industry. There is a question that has not stopped appearing on social networks: should brands continue with their advertising strategies professional email list the health crisis ? A recent Mindshare survey , based on the opinion of 400 Limeños between the professional email list of 18 and 60, found that 60% approve of brands continuing to advertise. However, the strategies of Google and social networks must point to solidarity and care for well-being. In addition, respondents request that companies offer promotions and help customers save money.

For the brand to have good positioning and its recall rate to increase, its content must be contextualized in the crisis, offer optimistic messages and focus on solving the problem or on measures to contain it. " Because of everything that is happening, there is no time to make big productions, but you can bet on simple advertising and not with such a high budget , " says Fidel La Riva, CEO of Mindshare. Advertising campaigns during the health crisis Some brands have professional email list the need to motivate and inspire their audience professional email list and have therefore created content aimed at professional email list awareness about coronavirus prevention. Nike The sports brand launched an advertising campaign during the health crisis in which it encouraged sports lovers to carry out their physical activities indoors. “ If you have ever dreamed of playing for millions of people around the world, this is your chance ” , is Nike's message. It should be noted that the campaign is called " Play inside, play for the world " (Play inside, play for the world).

Argentine Football Association The AFA published an emotional video asking its audience to stay home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In a country where football is lived with a lot of professional email list, like Argentina, the campaign has been quite successful. Coca Cola The beverage company decided to put more space between the letters of its name to contribute to social distancing. Their message: “ Staying apart is the best way to stay united ” is a great way to encourage quarantine compliance. According to specialists, brands that apply advertising during the health crisis may not be able to recover in the coming weeks or months. For this reason, many companies are looking for different ways to help their customers, particularly through online channels, to make the humanitarian crisis more bearable.
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